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Process of Selling a House for Cash in 9 Steps

Process of Selling a House for Cash in 9 Steps

We guide you through the steps of selling your house cash step-by-step to benefit you decide for yourself whether this is the right option for you. 1. Check on the value of your home Cash buyers offer additional many benefits for sellers, such as the ability to close faster, a higher degree of security, as well as the opportunity to purchase "as is" and save cash on repairs. Cash offers, however,...

All-Cash Offer for My House

Should I Accept an All-Cash Offer for My House?

Simply put, an all-cash offer is an offer made by a potential homebuyer who has enough liquid cash to purchase the property without requiring additional financing. Many of today’s all-cash buyers are using record-high equity growth from their current homes to make an all-cash offer on their new homes. The most important thing to understand about cash offers is that because they don’t require a...

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