Home Appraisal Ideas

Home Appraisal Ideas

2 Free Ways to Check Your Home Value 

It is difficult to find property and real home value in an ever-evolving market.

According to the National Association of Realtors in 2023, licensed services typically charge between $400 and $600 to determine the true market value of homes. Accordingly, their typical cost typically falls around $500.

However, if you simply want an informed estimate, there are free home appraisal tools or experienced local real estate agents who can provide informed assessments of your home.

With expert guidance from premier real estate agents, we will guide you through your free home value estimate options.

Home Appraisal Overview: Determining Your Home’s Value

Home loans are serviced by certified professionals in your state who perform detailed appraisals to assess value and provide evidence to mortgage lenders that they are lending money to buyers or homeowners at market rates. Mortgage lenders require federal credit checks to avoid borrowing more than the property is worth. 

At its core, a valuation is an estimate of the home value produced by an algorithm or real estate professional. Homeowners often seek appraisals to estimate how much equity in their home has appreciated over time or the potential sale price in today’s market. 

Now that you understand the technology, here’s how you can get a free home inspection:

  1. Get a Home Appraisal for Free Online

The first and easiest is turning to the internet for help in appraising home values. Since online appraisal software’s introduction into real estate markets in 2006, homeowners have had more power to quickly assess their home’s worth and take an active part in real estate markets. Since their debut, these technologies have rapidly improved with more precise estimates coming each year.

Today, online home appraisals typically have an error rate of between 2-7% for listed homes and off-market properties respectively; still, for homeowners looking for quick, free appraisals without breaking the bank, online value estimators provide an ideal solution.

How it works

Home value estimator tools use automated valuation models (AVM). An AVM compares your property with similar ones by analyzing user-submitted and public data sourced from current listings and property records, before employing machine learning algorithms to produce an estimated range for its estimated value.

  1. Ask a Real Estate Agent for a Free Home Appraisal

If you want an estimate that offers something close to an official home appraisal without breaking the bank, contact one of the top real estate agents in your area.

“Visiting a real estate agent to get an estimate of your home’s worth can be beneficial. Comparative market analysis typically provides homeowners with all of the data and insight they require.”

How it works

CMA is an appraisal method in which comparable listings, sales, and transactions of properties provide an estimate of the sale price of a home. 

Realtors have deep knowledge of subtle nuances or peculiarities as they sell homes regularly.. Agents also have access to the Multiple Listing Service database, which displays active home listings as well as recent transactions including those still in escrow. Because of these two resources, a real estate agent can offer an accurate home estimate that rivals official appraisal reports.

Free Home Appraisals are a Helpful Starting Point

Online value estimators and agent appraisals provide free ways of establishing the value of your home. If you want a quick ballpark figure of its value, look to online appraisal tools; for more informed appraisals by trusted agents, it might be worthwhile contacting one directly and getting an informed valuation. Once you know exactly how much your property is worth you can begin planning with confidence!


Uncovering your home’s value has never been simpler! Utilize free online tools for quick estimates or connect with an agent for a more customized CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). With such resources available at your disposal, making informed decisions becomes simpler whether selling, refinancing, or simply curious. So start exploring today and unlock its equity!

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