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Sell My House Fast

The world can be unpredictable. often, unexpected events occur that make us realize “I need to sell my house quickly” typically without notice. You could be facing the loss of your job divorce proceedings or even helping family members move fast due to medical reasons. Each scenario requires prompt action when selling fast is needed.

The condition of the house is another reason that you may need to sell your home quickly. Homes require regular maintenance which can cost a lot fast. Selling a house that needs repairs could prove more difficult if you don’t have sufficient money put aside for repairs.

Some people require ease in selling their home amid parenting, work, and extra requirements like selling their home. One study showed that 84 percent of Americans feel stressed regularly and you shouldn’t have the stress and hassles that come with repeated viewings or buyers who are looking for move-in ready homes like the ones shown on HGTV homes that are ready for move-in.

Our easy-to-follow guide to quick house sales We will impart you with excellent solutions to sell a house quickly.

Sell my house fast option 1: Get a cash offer

If you are looking to sell your house fast and would like to have the most efficient process, one method to speed up the sale and move on with your life swiftly is to request a cash payment from investors.

Simple Sale has amassed one of the largest cash buyer networks to shorten your closing time and let you decide when and when you’d like to move your property. We evaluate websites like “We Buy Houses” with every feature and provide you with our desired option to buy it fast and at a low cost.

Answer a few simple questions about your property within 24 hours, and we’ll favor you with cash-only, no-commitment offers that don’t require any commitments!

How quickly? Your home could be sold within 10 days!

Key Benefits:

  • Speed
  • • No repairs
  • • All cash
  • • Simplicity
  • • No-obligation offer
  • • Typically the best way to sell your house

Sell my house fast option 2: Hire a top agent known for speed

If you’re selling quickly and want the highest price for your offer, together realtors are likely to be the perfect option. Unfortunately, homes are currently on average more than 47 days in the marketplace (DOM) which is the length of time between the listing and the contract being signed and when the contract is with the buyer. If you are working with buyers who have financing, it is also necessary to consider the closing time of the loan, which usually takes 42 days before the signing of contracts can take place.

The typical speed at which houses sell is between 30 and 74 days based on the market and local housing trends.

Key benefits:

  • More money for your home
  • Top agents sell homes faster than average agents
  • No cost unless your home sells
  • Experience in your area
  • Expert pricing and negotiating

Sell my house fast option 3: Compare a cash offer with an agent’s opinion

This third choice gives you the desirable option of both It doesn’t require hiring an agent and will provide more assurance than waiting. When you ask for cash offers directly with no risk or commitment this third choice may be just what you’re looking for.

How Fast? If you consult with a top realtor before selling your home could add a few days, or even a whole week on the selling timetable for your house, it will help you feel more confident before making the final decision to sell your home.

Key benefits:

  • You get a side-by-side comparison
  • No cost or obligation to compare
  • Can request a free comparative market analysis
  • Confidence to make a more informed decision

Sell-fast options to avoid: Short sale, FSBO, and auction

Some methods for selling your home may appear like quick fixes; however, you should avoid short sales, For Sale By Owner, and auction sales as these could prove more challenging and time consuming than anticipated.

Short Sales: Selling “short” refers to money, not time: your lender has agreed to allow you to sell for less than what’s owed on it and this often takes much longer to close than traditional home sales.

FSBO: Selling “FSBO,” for sale by owner (FSBO) homes isn’t common practice – the National Association of Realtors (NAR) estimates only 7% of sellers choose this route and 57% already knew their buyer beforehand; without an established network such as friends and family in place to find buyers quickly using this approach, don’t count on having success selling FSBO home sales quickly.

Auctions: An auction may provide an expedient route if all three elements align perfectly – market, seller, and property. However, auctions can also be risky, taking anywhere between 21 days to 45+ before your house sells; you have little control over its final sales price while auction costs often surpass traditional agent commissions, and must still pay any fees even if your house doesn’t sell at auction.

What are the benefits of selling for cash?

Selling to a cash buyer may offer many benefits; here are just a few:

Fast Closing: With cash buyers, closing can occur much more rapidly – usually within just days or weeks instead of several months for traditional home sales.

No Repairs Needed: By selling to a cash buyer, you’ll save yourself both the time, cost, and hassle associated with making repairs or improvements – they specialize in buying “fixer-uppers.”

An easy option: There’s no prep work or steps involved with selling to cash buyers – they often allow sellers to sell as-is without needing repairs done before the sale.

No marketing, staging, or showings: With traditional selling methods typically necessitating 10-25 showings before being sold off as is common practice today, these processes will no doubt require additional resources such as signboards and flyers as part of their selling plan.

Reduced fees: Not only can sellers avoid agent commissions, but many cash buyers also cover closing costs.

No lender-ordered appraisal: Selling for cash eliminates lender-ordered appraisal and any delays or deal-killing risks that come from its result being lower than anticipated.

Stress/Hassle Reducing Value Proposition: According to research by 1000watt Inside, 70% of sellers find traditional sale processes stressful; cash sales typically provide an easy and seamless selling process.

No negotiations: Cash buyers typically make take-it-or-leave-it offers with little room for negotiation or uncomfortable back-and-forth discussions.

Reduced financial, legal, or lender barriers: Since cash sales do not involve lenders or financing approval procedures, financing issues don’t delay deals as often or cause them to collapse altogether.

Reducing Holding Costs (Carrying Costs): While owning a house comes with its share of holding costs (also referred to as carrying costs) such as utilities, taxes, insurance premiums, and maintenance bills that you incur each month, smaller monthly carrying costs might make sense for some buyers.

Fewer Sales Fell Through (Less Risk): Traditional buyers frequently add contingencies into their offers that increase the risk of delays or cancellation of settlement. On the contrary, cash buyers seldom include financing contingencies like appraisal and home sale contingencies in their offers.

Life changes may necessitate quick sales: Divorce, foreclosure, impending job loss/transfer/inheriting out-of-state homes can all present opportunities to quickly sell for all-cash transactions; all-cash sales provide speed with reduced workload and effort required to sell quickly.

Flexibility: Sellers who collaborate with house-buying companies often select an exit date that works best for them.

Peace of mind: Cash sale provides homeowners juggling life challenges with the security and peace of mind they deserve when selling quickly for cash.

How does selling for cash work?

When selling your house for cash, the process typically follows this path:

Assimilate information about Your House: To initiate this process, reach out to a home buying firm that serves your region and supply them with details regarding Your Home.

Receive an offer: In as little as 24-48 hours, we can send a preliminary offer that may change after our house assessment team completes their evaluation of your home.

Have Your House Assessed: Usually, within days, this service arranges to visit and evaluate your house to asses its state and condition.

Establish an Offer: Once again, companies make firm offers that you may accept or decline; these businesses typically will not budge from their original price range so negotiations should not occur here.

Closing begins: Should you accept the offer, both parties will sign a contract to begin closing proceedings.

Title Clearance: When purchasing your home, potential buyers will inspect it to make sure it conveys a clear title before paying you any cash. In cases where liens have been identified by professionals, they will help guide through any necessary actions necessary.

Payment will be dispersed: In general, your funds should arrive between seven to 14 days; additionally, many companies that buy houses for cash provide flexible move-out dates.

Who buys houses for cash?

Some cash buyers are individuals with sufficient resources to pay cash. It can be difficult to predict whether an offer from such a buyer or one prequalified for a home loan will come.

Home sellers looking for quick sales may turn to companies offering to purchase homes for cash as the preferred method. Here is an overview of five such firms who purchase houses quickly:


These firms franchise their model under a brand name. They buy houses as-is and repair or update them before either selling them off to potential buyers or renting them out to tenants.

House flippers

These investors purchase homes requiring repairs and then renovate and sell them as turnkey properties to maximize profits. They aim to find bargains to achieve maximum return.

Buy-and-hold investors

These investors convert houses into rental properties as part of a long-term investment strategy.

Trade-In or “Buy Before Selling” Services

These firms can buy your current home to free up equity to purchase another house without the hassle or uncertainty associated with selling and moving both mortgages simultaneously.


These companies employ automated valuation models (AVMs) to generate all-cash offers that tend to be more affordable than franchisors or house-flipping groups, typically depending on volume for profits. Service fees usually range between 5%-6% when dealing with these firms.

What do you need from your agent?

If your deadline for selling is tight, it can be nerve-wracking to find an agent capable of moving quickly enough to sell your home. Not any agent will suffice; to maximize your chances at successfully selling quickly choose an agent who has experience selling homes like yours quickly – that can be confirmed through data like average days on the market (DOM) and transaction history.

Low DOM: Days on market (DOM) measures the time between when a house is listed for sale and when it goes under contract with a buyer. A lower average DOM than its area counterpart indicates an agent priced their homes correctly to draw quick offers, as well as creating an effective marketing plan to promote those listings quickly and successfully.

Experience in Your Area: An agent with local knowledge can better highlight the features and amenities of your home to prospective buyers while being familiar with real estate in that region what types of upgrades would help increase its sale price, and which are unnecessary (ie which ones would waste your money).

Familiarity with Your Property Type: Working with an agent who specializes in selling homes like yours will allow for faster sales.

Bottom line: When you need to sell fast, you do have options

Selling a house may seem daunting and daunting at times; yet fast sales don’t need to take forever either.

Not to worry! Your selling outcome doesn’t need to be up in the air; whether you opt for cash offers, top agents who meet deadlines quickly, or gathering details about home valuation before choosing your selling path, now you know your main options for selling fast. Now all it’s left for is choosing which option best fits you and your goals!


Selling quickly doesn’t need to be stressful! Our comprehensive guide explores all your options for selling fast – including cash offers, hiring top agents, and comparing offers. No matter if it’s due to job loss or relocation issues or simply needs a quick sale. You will be empowered with everything needed to find an ideal solution and sell your house on your terms!

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