What is Ownerly?

What Is Ownerly

Are You Thinking about Selling or Remodeling Your Home? Or Perhaps Remodeling? Chances are, you are curious as to the current market value of your home and want an accurate assessment. Sellers aim for maximum return when selling, while remodelers must avoid spending money that won’t return their investment upon sale. Ownerly.com, an online home value and data service provides just such information about home values in real time and provides valuable data resources as part of this service.

Owner is one option available when searching online for your home’s value. Their tagline: “Home Value, See What Your Home Is Worth” appeals to homeowners looking for an accurate market valuation estimate of their residence.

Here is what you should know before signing on with Ownerly as their service is premium and requires payment.

What is Ownerly?

Ownerly is an online service designed to assist homeowners in estimating the value of their homes and viewing other real estate information. Their emphasis lies on investing in homeownership; as part of this service, they claim they offer access to professional-grade real estate data.

Home valuation may be their main service offering; however, they also provide information regarding mortgage and refinancing rates, estimated home improvement costs, and local sales data so you can see what your neighbor sold their house for or any liens against it! Their tagline on their website says, “Ownerly.com helps you search homes and learn more about them”.

This website hosts a blog with content focused on homebuying and selling; home improvements; mortgage/loan services and real estate basics as well as homeowner education. As indicated by their name, their brand focuses on homeowners.

How does Ownerly work for home sellers?

Ownerly could provide invaluable data when selling homes.

Ownerly may provide some reassurance if there are doubts over a price range chosen for comparative market analyses (CMAs).

Home sellers planning to list “for sale by owner” (FSBO) might find Ownerly useful when setting their list price; industry professionals recommend not depending too heavily on automated valuation models (AVMs) when making this decision, though FSBO sellers could save time researching similar sales in their neighborhood using it as well.

Note that AVMs like Ownerly’s only provide an approximate valuation estimate; they cannot provide as reliable or precise results as a CMA or an appraisal can.

On Ownerly’s homepage, there’s a feature called “Browse Properties by State”, which lets users explore each street individually. They can see details such as average lot sizes and property taxes; age of homes nearby as well as recent sales data – invaluable when trying to accurately price or value their own homes for sale or selling purposes. These listings may provide helpful guidance in pricing or selling your own.

Are You Nearing Selling of Your Home? Ownerly’s Data Can Assist With Deliberating the Value of Improvements If you are near selling, Ownerly can assist in assessing whether any home renovations would add any significant value by showing typical renovations in your area with associated cost data, house values and estimated recoup rates – helping determine how much an estimated remodel might cost when selling off the property.

How does Ownerly work for homebuyers?

Homebuyers want an ideal house at a fair price, yet navigating an increasingly complicated housing market can be challenging. Ownerly’s reports and home valuation tracking tools could assist homebuyers in writing an offer and engaging sellers during negotiations; industry experts strongly advise partnering with an experienced real estate agent in this process to manage offers and negotiations more successfully.

Does Ownerly serve your area?

According to their website, Ownerly claims to provide services throughout the entire US. We were able to conduct tests in various states where Ownerly offers reports.

Is there a cost to use Ownerly?

Ownerly membership starts at just $29.99 a month with special introductory offers available to help get you going. Subscriptions generally continue uninterrupted unless canceled.

Ownerly’s FAQ page indicates that when visiting their site for the first time, visitors should be brought directly to a page featuring special sign-up rates and deals. If an offer window does not open when browsing their page, however, submitting your request and then entering their email address could provide access to promotional rates.

In the past, this company advertised a seven-day trial for $1 that allowed access to up to 25 online reports; they also provided offline access with viewing capabilities of 25 reports at once as well as PDF downloads for offline reports for $5 more.

What’s the incentive for Ownerly?

Ownerly appears to generate revenue via membership fees (i.e. charging businesses to join its network) and selling any data it collects.

Ownerly gives businesses the chance to join its network by filling out a Google Form on its website, with Ownerly receiving referral fees when customers use one of the businesses referred through it. While their terms and conditions address certain fees, it remains unknown how much businesses pay in advertising fees and referral fees in total.

While not apparent from perusing their site, some online reviews indicate that Ownerly generates revenue through selling users’ data to real estate agents, banks, lenders, and other professionals and companies who join its partner network. If you wish to keep your personal information private you have the option of clicking “Do Not Sell My Personal Information,” which can be found near the bottom of their webpage.

By opting out, Ownerly guarantees that they do not sell personal information such as an email address to third parties.

Ownerly Reviews

As one of the best ways to judge any business, reading online reviews is a fantastic way to assess them. While most businesses boast both positive and negative comments online reviews about themselves, Ownerly stands out with its small presence of positive and negative user opinions online reviews compared to most businesses in its category. Here’s a snapshot of what users are saying about it online.

Trustpilot — Ownerly currently boasts 2.2 out of 5, with 127 reviews giving an overall average star rating of 2. Most reviews (77%) were given 1 star while only 14% gave 5-star ratings.

Ownerly has received both positive and negative reviews on Trustpilot; one client reported fast customer service while another mentioned being charged after canceling a free trial subscription.

The brand does not appear to maintain a Google business page with customer reviews; however, an app was available through Google Play at one point but now returns an error: “The requested URL could not be found”. Neither do they possess a Better Business Bureau listing.

As they operate entirely online, it’s notable that they lack a Google Business presence that could allow customers to review them via the search engine.

Alternatives to Ownerly

Here are several companies available that will assist in the valuation process, provide access to contractors, or offer discounted real estate agents. For instance:

Angi’s List connects homeowners with local contractors while also providing verified reviews to calculate ratings, giving more assurance they will complete your job successfully, unlike Ownerly’s network.

Value estimator services are completely free, while Angi charges an annual membership fee of $29.99 to access discounts on services. There are numerous other free home valuation tools offered by real estate companies, lenders, and financial institutions which may also assist.

Other services offered by Ownerly

Ownerly provides several additional services beyond blog content, though most can be accomplished with just an Internet search or another free website. Examples are:

  • Mortgage rates and information on refinancing
  • Homeowner’s insurance policies and average premiums
  • Typical renovations and their average costs for comparable properties
  • Home security packages and referrals to other home service providers in your area
  • Energy-saving packages and utility changeover offers

Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of Ownerly: know your options

Ownerly enables homeowners to monitor the value of their home, estimate potential return on investment of renovation, and locate local service providers – all for free or reduced price! While all this data and service may be found elsewhere for less, having it all in one convenient place might offer many homeowners greater peace of mind.

Homeowners today can take advantage of powerful online options for checking and researching home values and real estate data. Get a real-world home value estimate in less than two minutes now from Home Valuer or use Agent Match to connect with top real estate agents in your area who offer comparative market analyses (CMAs).


Ownerly provides home value estimates and data access with mixed reviews and a paywall. As there are free alternatives that connect users to realtors as well as valuation tools, Ownerly may not meet your budgetary or functional needs when making this determination. Rremember a professional appraisal remains the most accurate way of ascertaining home valuation.

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