Where Is Rent Cheap In Nj?

Where Is Rent Cheap In Nj

New Jersey attracts people worldwide, making it a dense and diverse community. People who want land in this place must be looking for houses with affordable rents. 

You can look for homes for rent on old Bridge J to take advantage of this pro-tenant land.

You can look for homes for rent on old Bridge in NJ to take advantage of this pro-tenant land.

If you are also looking for an affordable place to live in the wonderful state of New Jersey, I have provided you with a lot of guidance.

Top 6 Cheap Places To Rent In Nj?

You can find a surprisingly large number of states that charge you the cheapest to live in this incredible state. However, here are the 5 states out of the cheapest places: 

  1. South River

South River is the first choice for people seeking a house with a $ 1,100-a-month price tag for a single-bedroom apartment.

Any person happy to adjust to a small but diverse town environment with multiple restaurants, street food, and bakeries offering yummy-flavoured food should wait no longer. 

Choose this option, and you will not be disappointed with your decision.

  1. Oaklyn

Renting around $1,200 a month for a single-bedroom apartment, this place holds the mark for glueing people with its charm who will not want to leave it.

Interesting neighbourhoods, a small yet loyal population belonging to the middle class that finds this place affordable and thriving to live in, and distinct pubs are specialities of this place.

  1. Trenton

This place is essential and has been the centre of many notable historical activities. Trenton charges only $1,400 for one monthly bedroom and calls tenants to live in it loudly. 

This is one of the cheapest places in New Jersey but is one of the largest states in New Jersey.

  1. Parsippany

Talk about the charm and affordability in New Jersey, and you will reach Parsippany. For many years, ranking as one of the most attractive places has not been avoidable. 

Offering its thriving scenery and charging you only $1450 for a bedroom is a surprise for its nearest place, which is one of the most expensive states of New Jersey.

  1. Edison

One of the largest states, with many residents and important neighbourhoods, makes this place a transportation hub. Edison is near New York, and renting a one-bedroom costs around $1,489.

Live in these safe tenant-friendly places and look out for your options for Homes for Rent in New Jersey.

  1. North Arlington

North Arlington is one of the cheapest states between two rivers, Passaic and Hackensack, charging around $1,480 for a monthly bedroom.

This place’s living population is much lower than the dead lying in two cemeteries.


To mention this all briefly, New Jersey is a place with affordable leases. Within it, there are diverse, exciting and cheaper states, each district from the other, allowing people to choose their preferences, keeping their pockets in consideration.

From commercial affordable apartments to some diverse countryside places with suburbs, you are bound to be thrilled with the rental prices of cheaper states.

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